I am in fact 100% gay

honestly sucking dick is so fun but like I don’t tell ppl that bc I don’t want them to think I’m not 100% gay

Anonymous asked:
Why is ok talk shit about a skiny girl??? holy fucking crap, its not ok talking shit about any tipe of body, NEVER! Never! im skiny but is only because i have a problem and its really anoying listen to other ppl criticize me, and they dont even have fuckin idea but HAHAHAHA, cause Im skiny my problems are solved!! And thats fucking bullshit, man. Never, under any sircunstance make a person feel bad for their body, no matter what size are them.

I hope you ddnt expect me to read all this

voguedollz asked:
Dam, no skinny girl should ever be mad about being skinny. 👸 girls literally kill because they're not. Like it's coming from nicki she was once skinny before. 💁

Tbh nicki still is skinny lmao she just has a fat ass and boobs…but yeah you’re right.

honestly being eaten out is the best part of life

Sorry y’all I’m going in on the tmi and the nsfw I’m not really sorry I just thought I should warn y’all

a blunt after fucking